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Online Editorial

The arrival of the new media led to new communication habits and demands. Persons who use the Internet professionally wish to obtain information fast and reliably. The Internet euphoria has resulted in a multitude of elaborately programmed websites, but language is an often neglected aspect. The reasons are often as follows:

  • The web presence is created under a lot of pressure. Programmers and graphic designers work feverishly on meeting a deadline, since the client wants to see his website online on the day X. Nobody feels responsible for correcting logical and formal mistakes in the pages' text.

  • Existing brochures and other print material are simply copied onto the website.
    However, these texts do not meet the requirements of online users' reading habits.

  • Many web agencies do not employ professionally trained copywriters.

An otherwise good website's image is thus impaired by typing mistakes and badly written content. Moreover, the argument "At least we are online" is not exactly convincing, since your competitors are online too. It is more important to utilize the advantages of the medium Internet to the fullest. If your web presence is meant to inform and communicate your business, it must speak to people – literally.

Website Texts

Informative and concise website texts are our forte. We will make sure contents are right on target, catchy, and complement your Corporate Image.

User Navigation

A website that works well does so because all its elements form an organic unit. Navigation (links, buttons), but also the headlines of single paragraphs are aspects of user navigation. Visitors should be able to get an overview of your services or product portfolio without having to click their way through a lot of redundant elements. Meaningful link names and headlines make an important contribution to a clearly structured website.


Sometimes existing websites can only be rebuilt with a lot of effort. If you would simply like to get rid of typos and the worst glitches, text editing might be the right approach for your site. Since we are fit in HTML, we can directly work with your website's source code.



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