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Media Relations

The fact that we live in the Internet age does not mean that the "traditional media" have lost their meaning. However, modern broadcast technology and digital mass communication have made them more fast-paced and comprehensive. This means that journalists must process and evaluate an increasing amount of information in less time.

Those who do not communicate their message precisely and stylistically correct will fall behind. If the first paragraph of a press release fails to evoke an editor's interest, the release is bound for the waste basket - even though the product described in that release may be really innovative and valuable.

Press Releases

You don't have the time or adequately trained staff to write press releases? C2C Media can do this important job for you. We know our stuff - be it news agency material, editorial work or public relations.

If you feel it is too early yet to hire a full service or PR agency for your media relations, our service is the ideal solution. We will also gladly disseminate your press releases in Germany and abroad, using either our own or your distribution lists.

Editorial Content

Editors increasingly accept ready-made contributions that will be further adapted for publication. We can create such contributions for you - well-written and right on target. Editorial content can, for example, also be material we create for your website section "News" or for a company newsletter.

Product Information

The print media play an important role in winning over potential customers and securing customer loyalty. Brochures and catalogues can answer questions regarding your product or service more detailed than online media. Be prepared with excellent print publications. They show that you have taken the time to consider your target group's wishes and need for information and take them seriously.


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