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The process of adapting software to another language is called software localization. This term describes a complex procedure: On one hand, a translation of the program itself is done, including all commands, menu items, help topics etc. On the other hand, the entire documentation (user manual, programming instructions and so on) is realized in the targeted language.

In order to translate software without sacrificing its quality, utmost care must be taken. Consistent usage of commands and menu items as well as clear user instructions for all aspects of the program are extremely important. The localization team creates a glossary which can be accessed by the client at all times. If a newer version of the same product is released later on, the glossary will make adaptation easier and faster. It also guarantees continuity.

Software Transfer (Untertitel)

The software transfer is usually carried out in the program's source code. To this end, translators and programmers cooperate closely.

Documentation is of equal importance and given as much attention as the actual software transfer. Here, too, we carefully check which terms are used. We are up to the challenge of translating complex user manuals and deliver high quality translations.



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